PHP Development

As a proficient php development company in Kolkata, we have arranged our web development team with expert professionals who has excellent skill set over the scripting language of PHP. The prime focus of our PHP developer remain on generating dynamic web pages. Through the very type of scripting language, data processing becomes a cake walk. Websites that get developed using PHP are generally compatible with the commonly use operating systems.

Be it a small scale business or large scale business holding company, a WordPress Website always brings convenient results to the user. Direct control over contents and blogs is one of the key features that any wordpress based website offers apart from offering features like strong SEO service, social media linking and last but not the least, easy affordability. As a wordpress development company in India, we try to match all the criteria to deliver only the best.

The SEO friendly feature of Magento makes it an ultimate choice of any magento website development company in India to work with. The web developers feel more flexible while working using Magento as it is an open source code and provides stronger security and accessibility. To create a concrete e-commerce website, using Magento is a must as it skillfully offers a lot of features and practical functionalities.

Website developers in Kolkata prefer to work through Joomla as it is a great CMS or Content Management System. Creating menus on websites becomes easily possible as Joomla comes with a great tool that serves in menu creation. Joomla based attractive websites are are always preferred by both owners and visitors as they are always easy to navigate and can be customized pretty easily.

As a multifaceted website developing company in Kolkata, we are very much into Drupal based website development. Drupal is a common choice of users and owners also as it offers great flexibility when it comes to designing and developing responsive websites. To make fully customized websites, Drupal is the right choice as it offers a lot of customizable functionalities to create attractive websites.

Codeigniter is nothing but an open source framework which helps in configuring a website in a pretty easy method. It plays a pivotal role while making any dynamic website using PHP. Being a professional website development company, we implement the Codeigniter framework to complement the PHP based websites as it includes functional plug-ins.

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